Gohan's kanji, 飯 pronounced han and meaning "meal" or "boiled rice". The first is the "Kame" symbol of his first master, the great Muten Roshi. It appears in the show, usually in scenes that involve King Vegeta. Information and translations of Vegeta in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … and “ge” meaning to raise, bring up, increase, upgrade.

Future Gohan, the … King Vegeta didn't appear in the manga, so the symbol isn't shown there. Goku wears this symbol on the back of his Gi. Goku's kanji, 悟, pronounced Go(meaning "wisdom" or "enlightenment") is the kanji that Goku sports on both the front and back of his uniform after completing his intense gravity training inside his spaceshipon his way toNamek. What does Vegeta mean? This symbol is on King Vegeta's armor, and was on Vegeta's armor when he was a child. VEGETA ROYAL SAIYAN SYMBOL iPhone XS Max Case Vendor: Casefine Type: iPhone XS Max case Price: 14.90 This VEGETA ROYAL SAIYAN SYMBOL iPhone XS Max case will give stile and protectionto your iPhone XS Max phone.It is made from durable hard plastic or silicone rubber cases. and “ta” meaning awesome, brave, arrogant, cool, amazing, rad, stylish.

So vegeta means “ve- ge”ruthless “ta” badass Definition of Vegeta in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of Vegeta. its taken by the Japanese words “ve” meaning cold, ruthless, savage, bitter. Kai meaning world and ô meaning King. The third symbol of Goku's attire is probably the least well known. Also known as the turtle hermit. The second, Goku adopts is the Kanji of Kaiô-Sama, the great Lord of Worlds.

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