Primrose definition is - any of a genus (Primula of the family Primulaceae, the primrose family) of perennial herbs with large tufted basal leaves and showy variously colored flowers. The primrose is another flower said to have symbolic connections with the month of February. Flower meanings have fascinated people for centuries, and in the language of flowers, each has its own particular meaning. The primrose flower is a member of the primula family. With minimal care, your primrose plants will thrive from year to year to bring lasting beauty to your sunny flower beds.

Primrose definition is - any of a genus (Primula of the family Primulaceae, the primrose family) of perennial herbs with large tufted basal leaves and showy variously colored flowers. Primrose definition, any plant of the genus Primula, as P. vulgaris (English primrose), of Europe, having yellow flowers, or P. sinensis (Chinese primrose), of China, having flowers in a … The primrose flower meaning is considered as a representation of a woman where the petals indicate the various stages of a woman’s life. Wild or cultivated, members of the genus Primula, or primroses, have been popular for centuries. primrose synonyms, primrose pronunciation, primrose translation, English dictionary definition of primrose. Like the violet, the primrose is one of the first to bloom and indicating the forthcoming of spring .

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Primrose oil, derived from the seeds of the evening primrose flower (Oenorthera biennis), is used to treat conditions of inflammation. 1. England: The Primrose… The Latin specific epithet vulgaris means "common", in the sense of "widespread". The name Primrose is a girl's name of English origin meaning "first rose"..

Primrose definition: A primrose is a wild plant which has pale yellow flowers in the spring . rose (prĭm′rōz′) n. Any of numerous plants of the genus Primula, having large basal leaves and clusters of variously colored flowers with a five-lobed bell-shaped or salverform corolla. Meaning English Baby Names Meaning: The name Primrose is an English Baby Names baby name.In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Primrose is: Primrose (flower name). | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples There are over 400 primula species, native mostly to the Northern Hemisphere. Getting to Know Primrose Flower Primula / ˈ p r ɪ m j ʊ l ə / is a genus of mainly herbaceous flowering plants in the family Primulaceae.They include the familiar wildflower of banks and verges, the primrose (P. vulgaris).Other common species are P. auricula (auricula), P. veris (cowslip) and P. elatior (oxlip). All About the Primrose. This intense-looking, eye-catching Primrose flower with wonderful fragrance is the best option if a man wants to show his affection and love towards the beauty of a woman. Flower Symbolism the mystical magical meanings of flowers... pg 3 Flowers tell a story of mystery with their beauty, some are elegant, some are cute, some are full and lush, imagine walking though a field of flowers, each and every flower unique and beautiful in it's own way, different hues dancing in the light of the sun. Significance of the primrose flower meaning. Define primrose. The primrose is her sacred flower. Its scientific name Primula comes from the Latin word primus which means “first” or “early” because they’re the first flowers to bloom in the spring. Common Evening Primrose. On the more positive side of the symbolism, this blossom can mean sweet memories. Learn more. For the evening primrose, this flower is said to mean fickleness or faithlessness. Primrose. Primrose (Primula polyantha) refers to the wild flower plant from the genus Primula.Primrose (Primula polyantha) refers to the wild flower plant from the genus Primula.It is characterized by short stems, tufted basal leaves, and bright, colorful flowers which cluster on the stalks. The primrose flower sits on short stems above rich, green foliage. The primrose’s meaning changed with its color, but yellow symbolized youth and young love, here used deliberately in Edwin Long’s “The Daughters of our Empire. 0 The purposes of primrose oil is to deliver anti-inflammatory oils, called GLA, into the body so that they halt the inflammation response. The scientific name Primula is a diminutive of the Latin primus, "prime", alluding to the fact that this flower is among the first to appear in spring.

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