Everyone has had some version of these meatballs at a party, and they’re always one of the most popular dishes aren’t they? Stir occasionally during cooking if possible. Not to mention, turkey meatballs tend to be a little lighter than their beef and pork counterparts, so you won’t fill up too much before the main course. All you need are 3 simple ingredients and you’ve got yourself a stellar appetizer or dinner. Roll about 2 tbsp. Can Cranberry Sauce • 1 (12 Oz.) These Crock Pot Cranberry Meatballs take only a few minutes of prep and have a delicious sweet and tangy taste with a little bit of spice.

Like these cranberry bbq crockpot meatballs! of the meat mixture into a ball and place into the crock pot. You can make the meatballs early in the day and cook right before serving, or keep warm in the crock pot (yay for stress … The cranberry meatballs are so easy, tender and seeping with flavor from the crock pot and INCREDIBLE sweet and spicy sauce! Place meatballs in your slow cooker.

Cocktail Meatballs are an absolute crowd pleaser. Cover with sauce and stir to coat evenly. In a medium bowl, combine cranberry sauce, chili sauce, honey, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I can’t blame him because they are SO YUMMY and SO EASY to make! Directions: Mix all of the meatball ingredients together in a large bowl until combined.
These Crockpot turkey meatballs in cranberry sauce are perfect for an easy dinner but they also double as a great holiday appetizer for a party or potluck. Jar Chili Sauce. And there’s always a swarm of people huddled around them. I use a jellied cranberry sauce because I like a smooth sauce for my meatballs, but you could use a whole berry sauce if you prefer. Continue rolling your meatballs and placing them into the crock pot until you've used up all the meat. Sauce: • 1 (12 Oz.) These crock pot cranberry meatballs are my husband’s new favorite recipe!

Cook on low heat for 4 hours, or until sauce is bubbly and hot and meatballs are heated through. I like to use turkey meatballs, because turkey and cranberry is a classic combination that can’t be beat. Just about every southern Holiday Party I’ve gone to has had a crock pot full of party meatballs. Some people go for straight up bbq sauce, some do the grape jelly/chili sauce combo, but either way, they’re delicious! The sauce is made with cranberry sauce, hoisin, ketchup and spiked with hot wings sauce for a tantalizing, lick the crock pot appetizer. Stir until smooth.

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