Not sure which kind, though. Women's "cycles" are entrained on a 28 day rhythm. "Steal My Sunshine" first appeared in March 1999 on the soundtrack of the movie Go staring Katie Holmes. Because of all the nostalgia-bomb '90s pop hits in heavy rotation on karaoke machines across the nation, "Steal My Sunshine" holds the rare distinction of … It was included on Len's album You Can't Stop The Bum Rush in May and released as a single in July. Popular song by the the 90's band "Len". Released in 1999 on the album "You can't beat the bum rush". General Comment"tribal lunar-speak" is the key to the lyrics of the song.The female singer is referring to the "tribe" women belong to. I always heard that song (Len - Steal My Sunshine) was referring to drugs. It's a very summer song, but it didn't become a hit until early winter, charting at #9 in America on November 13. During the month 400-600 million little critters may enter "paradise" or Hell (=Her) and that may happen several times during a typical cycle from several different donors.

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