Magnesium hydroxide, SAJ first grade, >=95.0% Magnesium hydroxide, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard Magnesium hydroxide, nanopowder, <100 nm particle size (laser PSA), 99.8% trace metals basis

At 25 degrees celcius, only 6.4 milligrams of magnesium hydroxide will dissolve in 1 litre of water. However, if you shake it with water, filter it and test the pH of the solution, you find that it is slightly alkaline.

Magnesium hydroxide is a layer structured mineral, and there are a family of double hydroxides, where the magnesium hydroxide layers alternate with trivalent metal hydroxide layers.

Flushing or drowsiness are side effects of magnesium hydroxide.

It has a solubility product (Ksp) of 1.5 X 10^(-11). Magnesium hydroxide appears to be insoluble in water. When the trivalent metal is aluminum, the double hydroxides are known as hydrotalcites and have the general formula: So for practical purposes, magnesium hydroxide can be considered insoluble in water. … This shows that there are more hydroxide ions in the solution than there were in the original water. Calcium hydroxide is more soluble in magnesium hydroxide therefore Mg(OH) 2 precipitates as a solid. Water, plus anions such as carbonate, is found between the layers. The reaction is as follows: MgO + H2O → Mg(OH) 2. Effects on Health. Approximately one ton of magnesium hydroxide is obtained from 600 m 3 of seawater. Magnesium hydroxide, also known as the milk of magnesia, is very sparingly soluble in water.

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