Stems of most dicots have a similar vascular organization, i.e. Vascular bundle of monocot plant (maize) Biochemistry Notes Biology Major Plant Tissue Biology Classroom Vascular Plant Life Science Physiology Botany Anatomy.
It is made from arranged barrel shaped cells usually without epidermal stem hairs. COR; maize; lodging resistance; cell wall; vascular bundle .

Each of them has small amount of xylem and phloem, with only sieve tubes and companion cells. Because the BC 2S 3 RIL population was derived from a cross between a maize inbred W22 and a natural Collateral and Conjoint -- Xylem and phloem patches are present on same radius and lie side by side. The x‐axis shows the vascular bundle number, and the y‐axis represents the number of RILs in each group. Transverse section of corn stem (Zea mays).This monocot vascular bundle shows several interesting and common features. The patch on the outer side is larger forming something like a cap and that on the inner side is much smaller. Only approx. Vascular bundles are collateral closed.
In maize stem the vascular bundles are - (A) Arranged in a ring (B) Scattered-irregularly (C) Arranged in two ring (D) Scattered but smaller towards periphery. This patch of sclerenchyma cells is termed as bundle cap / hard bast. The different types of vascular bundles met within plants are: Vascular bundles in Plants. Some … Both these tissues are present in a vascular bundle, which in addition will include supporting and protective tissues. This type of vascular pattern was conserved during the evolution of dicot plants. Identification and fine mapping of quantitative trait loci for the number of vascular bundle in maize stem. The parenchyma and bundle caps the cells among them comprise the pericycle in the stem of sunflower. Each of them has small amount of xylem and phloem, with only sieve tubes and companion cells. The pith disintegrates leaving a large cavity at the central region, so it may be called hollow pith. They are composed of several types of cells with different compositions and morphologies , .

1 Answer +1 vote . In the present study, the spatial organisation of vascular bundles within the stem is considered. The extension of pith between vascular bundles are called as pith ray or medullary rays. 1) The bundle sheath is very thin, only a single layer on the sides and just a few fibers at the top and bottom of the bundle (the top would be the toward the outside of the stem, the bottom of the micrograph is toward the center of the stem).

Vascular bundles are collateral closed. In order to compare stems and vascular bundle intensity, it is necessary to project each individual slice onto the same reference coordinate system by applying a spatial normalisation procedure. Radial – Xylem and phloem patches are separate and present on alternate radii. 3.Concentric – One tissue is surrounded by the other.

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